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Battling the Social Aspect of IT Security

Technology is a wondrous and exciting thing.  I often think about what it would be like growing up in this day and age and what technological advancements our children will experience in their lifetime.  For those Disney World fans, I like to … Continue reading

Battling the Social Aspect of IT Security

Tax Bite: Should you forgo a personal exemption so your child can take the American Opportunity credit?

If you have a child in college, you may not qualify for the American Opportunity credit on your 2014 income tax return because your income is too high (modified adjusted gross income phaseout range of $80,000–$90,000; $160,000–$180,000 for joint filers), but your … Continue reading

Did 2014 Do Anything for Women at Work?

Women at work

After reading the Bloomberg Businessweek’s December 29, 2014 article, “Did 2014 Do Anything for Women at Work?”, Akane Otani points out that professional women did not make great strides in closing the gender-wage-gap in 2014, but stated, “Research says one of the … Continue reading