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Amoeba Management Accounting—an Introduction

This management accounting is truly unique and extremely interesting. I would like to introduce this management accounting process to you in a series of blog posts. The amoeba is one of the simplest forms of living creatures. Its shape is constantly changing … Continue reading

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Getting Used to Change? You’d Better.

Whether it is relationships or our physical world around us, change has become the natural order. Day becomes night, winter becomes spring, memory cards replace photographic film, IPods have replaced CD players, and now my better half is looking at an electronic … Continue reading

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We Need Effective Leadership Even More Now

We’ve been through one of the most difficult economic times in our country’s history—and some say that there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Most agree we have a way to go. A valuable characteristic of managing … Continue reading

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A Challenge of Global Corporations–How to Integrate Different Cultures

Although  the world is getting smaller, there are obstacles to overcome if a global corporation is to achieve their desired results. One of the major obstacles is the integration of different cultures. Today, major U.S. corporations obtain more than one-half of their … Continue reading

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