Did 2014 Do Anything for Women at Work?

Women at workAfter reading the Bloomberg Businessweek’s December 29, 2014 article, “Did 2014 Do Anything for Women at Work?”, Akane Otani points out that professional women did not make great strides in closing the gender-wage-gap in 2014, but stated, “Research says one of the best things a young worker can do is to find himself or herself a sponsor— co-worker who’ll advocate for them in the workplace.”  I am proud to be associated with a firm that recognizes the value of advocacy and has recently adopted a formal advocacy program.  The program is one illustration of CDH, P.C.’s overall commitment to recognizing and supporting the exceptionally talented women in the firm.


Lee Arnsman

Lee is the CDH Manager of Administration http://www.cdhcpa.com
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