Accounting & Technology Find Common Ground

CITPEver since I was a kid I have always had an interest in technology. In high school I built two computers, and I built another one in college. When I started college, I originally wanted to major in IT. A year into my college career I changed my mind and opted to go into accounting instead. My hope is that obtaining my CITP would allow me to continue my career in accounting but also allow me to combine it with my interest in technology.  I would like to further my career by using my experience as an accountant and gaining the necessary knowledge in information technology. I believe this would allow me to better assist clients and allow them play on the efficiencies that would be captured through an expertise in both fields.

Often times it is difficult for an accountant to explain to an IT professional exactly what they need to see, and it is difficult for the IT professional to be able to communicate to the accountant what they would like to do. A Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) combines the business knowledge of a CPA with the information systems knowledge of an IT professional.  A CITP can perform many functions including obtaining data, making sure that data is accurate and secure, and help a company stay up to date on the latest software systems by being able to identify and implement these programs.  This ensures that a company can always remain as forward looking as possible. For most business the most important thing is being able to obtain and analyze the tremendous amount of financial information that comes in every day. If a client cannot do this quickly and accurately they will fall behind.

A CITP’s most important skill is probably their ability to translate the technology knowledge into analyzable financial data. Having a CPA, CITP allows a business to capitalize on the efficiencies of having one person being able to handle the tasks of obtaining and creating financial reports but to also perform the analysis on this information. In a fast changing world where information is the most important building block of any good business, innovation and adaption is they key. A business with a Certified Information Technology Professional will always allow them to stay one step ahead in the game.

For additonal information on the CITP program, visit the AICPA.

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