An Unexpected Guest


As the middle of summer comes upon us, I find myself on the verge of a unique experience, and a rather unexpected one at that.  As my wife and I sat in our kitchen one Sunday we received a call from a friend of the family.  They went on to explain how excited they were about being able to host a teenage girl from Spain for a month and help her  gain some value experience about our country’s culture, language and general way of living.  Then the conversation turned into a sales pitch and my wife and I found ourselves looking at each other and thinking our friend was crazy.

As the day progressed, we both had the thought in the back of our minds…“hmmm, this could be a great experience!”  We would have a great opportunity to help a young individual learn and have an experience that could influence him or her for years to come.   The individual growth for this person at such a young age could help them in ways yet to be known.  At the same time, we would be able to expose our family to a cultural experience.  The prospects are very exciting and by that same day’s end, we had made a rather big decision and one that I had no idea I was going to make that day.

So during the month of July, we will have the pleasure of having German, a 15 year old Spanish boy come and stay with us. We are looking forward to what cultural opportunities it will allow me, my wife and my 9 year old daughter to have. We are even more excited to have the chance to help someone whom we have never met experience something that may impact his life in a significant way. Lastly, it will be nice to even the male-to-female ratio in the household, even if it is just for a month!

Have you ever hosted a student from another country?   What are a few of your favorite things that we should share with German while he is here?  I’d love to hear from you –

Jeff Hays

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