Brian Davidson

My specialization is in the areas of assurance services, fraud risk management, and forensic accounting. I am energized by bringing insight to customers regarding their business and assisting customers in identifying and addressing significant business risks. I am also passionate about the truth and being an advocate for accuracy and integrity in financial reporting.

Fraud Spotlight: Cutting Costs or Cutting Profits

As I have mentioned in previous posts, many companies have focused intently on cost reduction following the 2008 recession. At such times, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture and treat all costs as equal and assume that any … Continue reading

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Fraud Spotlight: Searching for Cost Reduction?

Many companies have focused intently on cost reduction during the years since the 2008 recession. Reducing labor costs through workforce reduction and early retirement programs, streamlining operational procedures, renegotiating contracts with vendors and service providers, and, in general, doing more with less … Continue reading

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Fraud Spotlight: Fraud Prevention – Start with a Fraud Policy

The negative impact of fraud on businesses is well documented and I have commented on the statistics in past blog posts. However, many business leaders still seem unaware of the risk. In a recent fraud seminar I conducted, there was almost an … Continue reading

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Illinois Manufacturers’ Association Update – September Breakfast Briefing

Protecting Your Business: Best Practices for Incoming, Current and Departing Employees The IMA September Breakfast Briefing provided an excellent overview of the issues involved with unfair competition agreements (e.g., non-compete agreements) and protection of trade secrets. Dan Kaufman and Chris Parker of … Continue reading

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Faud Spotlight: A Hamburger on Tuesday

Anybody familiar with the cartoon character Popeye the Sailor Man will remember the character of J.Wellington Wimpy or “Wimpy” for short. Wimpy was always ready to make a deal. His trademark statement was “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”. … Continue reading

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