Bill Hubly

CEO at CDH (Corbett, Duncan & Hubly). I am passionate about our firm's culture, values and strategic objectives. I believe in helping middle market business leaders achieve success by challenging them to move outside their comfort zone in order to grow and achieve their goals. My specialties include: Strategic planning and execution, organizational development, leadership development and coaching and pay-for-performance compensation structuring.

Innovative Accountants – An Oxymoron?

When I was asked to write my next blog post on innovation and getting creative, I was instantly a bit uncomfortable. Yes, this request pushed me out of my comfort zone. Ultimately, being pushed out of my comfort zone is good because that’s … Continue reading

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Are Our Companies Killing Us?

Are our companies killing us?  For those of you that are regular readers of my blog, I’m sure you have noticed that I love the work of Simon Sinek.  One of my favorite Sinek videos is his TED talk on How Great … Continue reading

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4 Skills to Build Your Leadership Team in 2014

How are you positioning your business and leadership team to compete moving forward?  The pace of change in our world continues to accelerate rapidly.  This is fueled by: 1. A global economy, 2. New technologies and 3. Increased access to information. And… … Continue reading

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Aren’t Leaders Supposed to be Certain?

I heard John Engels ( speak at an accounting profession conference about 3 or 4 years ago. Since then I have consistently read John’s Leadership Blog and I’m always amazed by how his writing makes me become more self aware, which I believe … Continue reading

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A Time to Give Thanks!

Thanksgiving is certainly one of my favorite holidays. In addition to celebrating with family, eating turkey with all the fix-ins, and watching football, it’s a time of year that I get to reflect and give thanks for all of the blessings in … Continue reading

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