Bernie Lietz

Bernie Lietz is the COO at CDH (Corbett, Duncan & Hubly). He oversees the day-to-day operations of the firm, including sales & marketing, finance, human resources, IT, administration and facilities management.

The End of Timesheets – A Look Back at the Last Two Years

This week marks the two-year anniversary of a very significant event for Corbett, Duncan & Hubly. On July 1, 2012, we stopped time entry in our firm and dove headlong into pricing all customer work in advance. It hasn’t been easy, and … Continue reading

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Setting the Right Kind of Goals

At the beginning of any year, many businesses sit down and decide on plans and goals for the rest of the year. This usually involves a lengthy process where high-level goals are established for the business, and then those goals are cascaded down … Continue reading

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Leadership Needs to Stop Telling Employees Where and How

The war for talent in certain industries is back on. Gone are the days when college graduates joined a firm and worked diligently and stayed 10 or 15 years–or their entire careers, for that matter. Candidates are looking for a purpose they … Continue reading

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Does Your Customer Feel Valued?

At a recent professional meeting I attended, the presenter offered this statement: Buyers of professional services have no way of assessing your expertise as a provider. They are buying a relationship. What they can absolutely assess, however, is if they feel valued. Buyers not … Continue reading

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“Times”–They are Changing

I visited Las Vegas, Nevada last week to present at the AICPA (American Institute of CPA’s) Practitioners’ Conference at the Bellagio Hotel. Lots of things haven’t changed about attending conferences in the accounting industry. However, one thing is changing: the willingness and openness of industry … Continue reading

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