Dan Corbett

Dan is a founding member of the firm, and is the Principal-in-Charge of the Assurance Group. His industries of concentration are manufacturing and distribution, construction, leasing, and food and produce preparation. http://www.cdhcpa.com

Raising Rainmakers

While some are born to it, most of us working in the professional services industry never thought we would be called on to become rainmakers. I certainly don’t remember any courses in developing new business clients as I worked my way towards … Continue reading

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Innovation and change in any business is key to growth and even to survival. While many associate innovation only with new product development, I don’t. I think it can be whatever provides growth in bottom line results, or change that results in … Continue reading

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You Are the Master of Your Own Domain

No, this isn’t an X-rated blog. I don’t mean this the way it was presented in one memorable Seinfeld episode – at least it was memorable to me.  I mean it in a way that insinuates you are in charge of meeting … Continue reading

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Tips for Success: Dan Corbett, Principal at Corbett, Duncan & Hubly

I was asked to contribute a blog on three tips for success.  Being a CPA, practicing in the business world for almost 40 years, my first reaction was to offer three success tips for owners of small to medium sized businesses.  Then … Continue reading

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Holding a Client’s Hand

A while ago, I wanted to know if a client had forwarded information to prepare their tax return and if there was an amount due with their return.  The response I received from a particular staff member was that the client was a … Continue reading

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