Can Illinois Bring Manufacturing Back to Life?

IMEC_MadeInIllinois_ColorThis article reinforces a theme I have heard at no less than four manufacturing
related events I have attended in the last year. “Re-shoring” is happening and
it is up to the Illinois Government and Labor Unions to see that our state
creates the proper business climate to insure we get our fair share of the work
coming back. The whole Mid-West and Illinios in particular took a significant
blow when a good chunk of our work went to China. I had one precision tooling
company that lost three major accounts to China in less than 15 months. The
Chinese company offered them the opportunity to act as a sales rep on their
behalf and take on any reworks so the tools wouldn’t have to be shipped back to
China.  Unfortunately, that Illinois company is no longer in business. I am sure they would like to have the opportunity now make the same offer back to the Chinese company.

Article: Made in Illinois Again

Dan Corbett

Dan is a founding member of the firm, and is the Principal-in-Charge of the Assurance Group. His industries of concentration are manufacturing and distribution, construction, leasing, and food and produce preparation.
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