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Increased Engagement – Good for Parenting and Reducing Fraud in the Workplace

As many working parents can relate, being engaged in your teenager’s life is similar to being engaged with your employees.  Frequent, open and direct communication can lead to building greater trust and understanding. A common concern of parents with teenage children is … Continue reading

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No, that’s not my imitation of William Wallace, or the ramblings of a tax accountant on April 15. I am referring to Tax Freedom Day or April 18, 2013 (for Federal taxes). And for those of you in Illinois, Tax Freedom Day … Continue reading

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“The Cloud” is a Dream Come True For Small Business Thanks to Microsoft

One thing I’ve found over the years in working with entrepreneurs and small businesses is that their core IT needs aren’t that much different than the needs of large businesses.  These needs range from email usage to document sharing to protecting their … Continue reading

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IRS Has over $39 Million Dollars for Illinois Residents Who Have Not Filed a 2009 Income Tax Return

The Internal Revenue Service or better known as the IRS has $39 Million in refund dollars for an estimated 39,500 Illinois Individuals who have not filed a 2009 Income Tax Return. That equates to a median potential refund of $626 per individual. … Continue reading

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Small Business Issues: Using a Personal Account to Pay Business Expenses Can Lead to Trouble

As accountants, we often work with small business owners who face a barrage of challenges. For example, as a small business owner, it can be difficult to keep your personal and business expenses separate. So many business owners use personal credit cards … Continue reading

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