Do you love your IT? We do…

We Love I.T.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air.

Question is: Do you love your IT? Does your company’s IT department make your job easier, or harder?

At CDH, we love our IT. Here’s why:

1. We have up to date versions of the current Microsoft Office suite, and someone’s always testing the latest version
2. We have a paperless document management system
3. We route, approve and pay our bills online. We write very few checks. (Any time the state governments want to catch up with us, that would be just fine)
4. We have awesome mobile technology–and everything synchs up
5. You can work remotely almost as easily as sitting at your desk
6. All of our performance management is paperless and accessible from anywhere
7. We have a great intranet for sharing information–completely custom made in Microsoft SharePoint
8. There’s a help desk with an electronic ticketing system; help is just a few clicks away
9. Three words: DUAL 24″ MONITORS

If you don’t love your IT, there is no reason you can’t.

Our IT department’s commitment to excellence allows us to focus on making a difference for our customers and our people.

Want to hop on the IT love train? Call Jeff Hays at 630-285-0215. You’ll love him, too.

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