Growth Through Golf

Practicing Swings

Ladies practicing their swings at the 3rd Annual Golf 101 Professional Women’s Networking & Golf Event – Sponsored by Corbett, Duncan & Hubly, American Chartered Bank and Stahl Cowen

Who says that golf is only for men? Well, I guess I should admit that I was actually one of the people who used to say that exact thing. But that was before I began hosting a professional women’s golf and networking event with one of my close contacts from American Chartered Bank. The idea of the event is to have an unintimidating environment for women to learn how to golf; basically: no men allowed! The event includes networking, golf instruction, and a couple hours at a driving range to practice with help from some local golf pros.

Although I wouldn’t say I am a pro at golfing by any means (I still haven’t even played a round – I will get there, I promise), this event has really helped me grow personally and professionally. In regards to my professional growth, with 60 women attending the event this year, my network has a chance to grow. I also have the opportunity to help my co-workers grow by having them attend the event and meet other women professionals. Personally, the event helps me develop my golf game (or lack thereof). Instead of whiffing every other time, I am almost able to consistently hit the ball (let’s not talk about where the ball is going; that’s a different topic all together).

As a result of this year’s event, our 3rd Annual Golf 101 Professional Women’s Networking and Golf Event that was held at the Golf Center of Des Plaines on May 29th, I finally feel like I may be able to get out and play few rounds this summer. This will be a complete step out of my “driving range only” comfort zone, which, in turn, is helping me live one of the core values of our firm: growth. Part of our definition of growth is “getting out of your comfort zone.” I am glad that this event has given me the opportunity to do just that and have some fun at the same time.

What are some fun ways you push yourself out of your comfort zone? Would you like to meet me out on the course? I would love to hear from you.

Emily Bartlett

Experienced Senior Auditor assisting businesses with accounting requirements, complex accounting, and timely reporting.
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