HR Tip of the Week: The 5 Important Interview Questions You Aren’t Asking

Job InterviewEver wonder why you end up hiring the wrong people?  What types of questions are you asking potential candidates?  Consider the 5 Important Interview Questions You Aren’t Asking.  For those of you being interviewed, these are good, basic interview questions that any person can base an interview around.  I like these because even an untrained interviewer can get good, in-depth information from which to make a hiring decision and any candidate can be better prepared to answer these questions.  These questions help prevent getting “canned” responses, give the person being interviewed time to think and answer, and overall, promote getting honest, usable feedback.

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Tom Callam

Tom has a passion for what he considers "full life-cycle" HR management. His approach includes sourcing and hiring individuals, onboarding them into the firm and working with them throughout their career as they grow. He takes pride in the success of the staff he has hired, and the positive impact they have made in the firms they work for and in their personal lives.
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