An Opportunity to Answer the Important Questions

UICWhat do I like about CDH and how are we different?  Recently, I was given the opportunity to answer those questions.  Although I haven’t worked at another CPA firm, I have worked at a very large company and noted some major differences.

First let me provide some background: every September UIC offers a type of “meet and greet” for all accounting students looking for full time employment, internships, or simply looking to get their foot in the door and start networking.

Two years ago I participated in this event as a student. (Feels like it was a lot longer than two years!) I remember meeting members of the firm and asking questions about CDH.  I found it very intimidating being a participant. I had questions prepared to ask but in reality, I had no idea what I was doing.

This year, I enjoyed being on the employer end. I did my best to put students at ease and keep the conversation very natural.  What I found very easy was when students asked what I liked about CDH and how are we different from other firms. Here is what I shared:

  1. Our Culture: We live it. Do others live theirs? Open door policies have always been very important where I work. I feel very comforted knowing I can easily schedule meetings, one on one conversation, or lunches with anyone in our firm, from staff to principal level. I also feel comfortable scheduling these types of meetings and know that conversation and feedback will be reciprocated.
  2. Opinions: Does yours matter? My opinion is valued. I know my opinion will never be silenced or disregarded in any meeting and that my opinion is actually encouraged!
  3. Individuals: Do YOU matter? I did not want to be a number or an “employee”. I wanted to be recognized as an individual, a real person who contributes to the Company’s goals. At the other company I worked at, I did not feel like my work was valued by the Company. I was just an object they needed to complete tasks.

I was very pleased that all my answers came with ease and didn’t feel forced or staged. I hope to attend this event every year and continue to find applicants who will fit in well here at CDH!

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