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Before Selling Your Business – Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

succession planning

When you think about your exit strategy or succession planning for your business, selling your business will come up as one of your options.  Before you consider selling your business, ask yourself the following 5 questions. If your answers are all yes, … Continue reading

What’s in it for me – TPP?

Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (“TPP”) is in session. No one knows if or when it will be executed. The details of the negotiation are not known as the meetings are closed door sessions. We know some information that the participants share with … Continue reading

A New Kind of Workplace

work anywhere

As an HR and Operations professional, I read a lot about different workplace environments.  We often talk about accommodating the different needs of the different generations and taking advantage of new technology to create flexible work environments, virtual work environments, etc..  The … Continue reading

Spotlight on Lease Accounting Disclosures

Financial Accounting Standards Board

Abstract:   In January, FASB and the IASB met to discuss the proposed accounting standards for businesses that lease assets under the proposed accounting standards. As usual, the two rulemaking bodies largely “agreed to disagree” about how companies should disclose the more complex … Continue reading