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EVaultHurricane Sandy taught us two important lessons: Expect the unexpected and be prepared. The thought of a major hurricane hitting New York City was on the back burner for most companies in and around New York. New Yorkers have dealt with severe weather in the past, but by the time they realized this hurricane was a reality, planning a backup strategy was too late. True, with hurricanes and the technology of pin pointing the exact path they will take, it gives people a few days to a week to prepare, but is it enough? When a hurricane is going to make land fall, employees are more concerned with their own families and property, not with implementing a backup solution at work.

Luckily, we can help you to be prepared for the unexpected.  Welcome to EVault! EVault is a cloud backup disaster recovery service.  Depending on your business needs, this service can grow as your business grows.  With a cloud based backup, there’s no more swapping tapes or external hard drives. Remembering to remove tapes or external hard drives offsite.  Human error is a thing of the past!

Yes, standard practice seems to be to just unplug the USB hard drive or remove the tape and leave them stacked next to the server! Where does this leave you in the event of complete loss of the building due to a fire?  Or, more common, what happens when your hard drive fails?

EVault can provide peace of mind. It is almost “Set it and forget it”! EVault can backup files, email systems, databases even complete servers for disaster recovery due to such issues as a hardware failure. Working with CDH, we can provide guidance on setting up, scheduling, monitoring, restoring of files and complete systems. Even individual laptops or workstations can be backed up. All these devices need is a stable internet connection.

Restoring files is as easy as logging into the EVault portal and selecting the file(s) you need restored. You don’t even need to be in your office to restore or configure the cloud backup. Retention policies can be as little as 30 days, or one year. There is long term storage for those files that are only accessed on occasion. This services provides storage for months or even decades. Backups run daily and are encrypted from start to finish so your data is always safe. It is stored in highly secure, State-of-the-Art Data Centers throughout the US. For those companies with high storage needs, EVault offers an onsite appliance that will store a local copy of all your data, plus replicate it to the cloud. This provides a quicker turn around for your mission critical data.

Interested in being prepared? Contact me at CDH for more info and how we can make sure your data is always secure and accessible!

Peter Robst

IT Senior Analyst
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