Raising Rainmakers

RainmakerWhile some are born to it, most of us working in the professional services industry never thought we would be called on to become rainmakers. I certainly don’t remember any courses in developing new business clients as I worked my way towards my accounting degree. There were no rainmaking requirements on the CPA exam. How about you bankers out there: do you remember any courses on this as you worked toward your finance degree? Probably not.

Yet here we are trying to create work for our respective organizations. We are also telling those entering the profession that if they want to move up the ladder, they need to prove they are willing to get outside their comfort zone and bring in business. So how do they do it and how do we prepare them to meet this challenge? The following article delves into how to go about this. While the article is directed at the accounting profession, it is very clear that these procedures could be used in any industry–and the sooner we start, the better chance our future rainmakers will have to succeed.


Dan Corbett

Dan is a founding member of the firm, and is the Principal-in-Charge of the Assurance Group. His industries of concentration are manufacturing and distribution, construction, leasing, and food and produce preparation. http://www.cdhcpa.com
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