IT Tip of the Week: Saving What Matters Most

dataAre you saving what matters most?  As an IT professional, I first watched this video and thought “Wow, what a great way to explain and show what the cloud is!.”  I also wanted to share this video after I had a conversation yesterday with a customer who mentioned that he did not feel comfortable having one of his company’s applications in the cloud.  The ironic part was that we were in the process of finalizing the move of his email server to Office 365 in the cloud and all his data backups are in the cloud.  It was a scenario where I didn’t really want to push the issue, but I walked away feeling confused about the customer’s logic.

In the end, the cloud enabled applications allow customers to work more efficiently and with more flexibility.  While Frank is a well-traveled and beloved pet in the cloud, businesses need to embrace these strategies faster than they are, and the ones that do will reap the rewards, in my opinion.

So the question really is, what matters most to you and your business?  What is your Frank?  Benefits such as lower cost of ownership, improved efficiency, disaster recovery and flexibility of where/when you work should get all of us thinking about leveraging the cloud.  CDH has some great solutions and services for small businesses that will address key areas such as corporate email, backups and accounting software that allow our customers to take advantage of these benefits.  Please feel free to contact us to learn a bit more about them.

Jeff Hays

Through our lasting business relationships, we’ve developed specialization in tax, audit, IT and consulting services for manufacturing, wholesale distribution, construction and real estate, professional services, and U.S. subsidiaries of foreign-owned companies.
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