Is My Server Operating System Current?

Server End of LifeAre you running a current operating system on your servers? With July 14th, 2015 approaching rapidly, companies are finding themselves asking whether their server operating system will be supported by Microsoft any longer.   The fact of the matter is that Microsoft announced several months back that they will no longer support Windows Server 2003.  While this does not have an impact on the user’s computer and ability to work in Word, Excel and Outlook, it may have a significant impact on companies.

Companies that use a version of Windows Server 2003 will run into the following issues after 7/14/15 if they do not upgrade:

  • No more service packs or patches for the operating system.  This poses a threat for future security and vulnerability leaks that will not be addressed by Microsoft since no further development will be done on the platform.
  • New applications may not be supported on your server environment.
  • Upgrades to current software used will not be supported or may not be allowed to be installed on you’re the 2003 server operating system.

Part of the issues is the fact that software partners and 3rd party software developers will also stop developing on the server operating system.  It is in their best interest to develop on the current platforms to obtain the proper support from Microsoft.

So as a business owner/executive, what can you do to ensure that you have continued support and updates?

  1. Verify your current operating system on your server.  This can be done very simply on the server login screen as the login screen for Windows Server 2003 states what version operating system you are running.
  2. Speak with your current software providers.  Your accounting software, ERP system or any other client server application support team should be able to provide you with their plan for support on Windows 2003 server.
  3. Work with an IT consultant.  If you don’t already have a trusted IT consultant, CDH is happy to help.  As an IT consultant, we would be able to work on your behalf to determine your situation and risk for exposure to educate you and help provide a plan to avoid any potential business risks, whether it be to develop a cloud strategy or upgrade path.

CDH is offering a free assessment of your company’s situation.  To take advantage of this please email me at or call us at (630) 285-0215 and mention you are looking to take advantage of the Windows Server 2003 assessment.

Jeff Hays

Through our lasting business relationships, we’ve developed specialization in tax, audit, IT and consulting services for manufacturing, wholesale distribution, construction and real estate, professional services, and U.S. subsidiaries of foreign-owned companies.
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