Stress: It Happens to Us All

StressOver the past two years, I have come to learn a lot about stress. I have come to learn how relative stress is: in college getting a low grade on my exam or studying for an exam was stressful; now, meeting deadlines has replaced my old idea of stress. However, stress is different for all of us, varying by situation.

As our opportunity season approaches, I have been looking for ways to keep my stress levels down and thus, increase my productivity and efficiency. I came across this article ( and hopefully, with it we can all learn new ways to reduce or minimize our stress. Some points that hit home for me are:

  1. Take a deep breath: I have been utilizing this practice over the past year to relax and calm myself after an intense meeting.
  2. Eat Right and Sleep Well: Although I am no role model for healthy eating, over the last few months I have been trying to eat better. This becomes increasingly more important as opportunity season approaches because as an auditor, I eat out almost every day. I need to make a conscious effort to say no to fries and yes to fruit.  I also know how much sleep I need in order to work effectively during the day. Although I cannot remember its source, a quote from a friend that sticks with me is “We will always make time for things we need to do.” So I will sacrifice the half hour of watching TV when I get home in order to get a full night’s sleep.
  3. Identify Self-Imposed Stress: I become my own worst enemy when it comes to my performance. I have a tendency to dwell on situations, which ultimately hurts, rather than improves, my performance for next time. Since I impose this stress on myself, I need to learn how to use this information constructively rather than to dwell on setbacks.
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