The Rabbit Hole

I realize I am showing my age – but over the years I have seen a proliferation of technalice-falling-down-rabbit-hole1ology, like: with the fax machine, that remove the “mail delivery delay” excuse from our lexicon; to cell phones that can reach us anywhere (and interrupt our backswing); to email that must be answered every hour of every day.   Weren’t all of these technologies designed to simplify life?

Well reading the May 13 issue of Crain’s Chicago Business (yes, I read the paper version and I do know its available electronically) I felt like I fell into Alice’s Rabbit Hole – when they reviewed the new “Mailbox App

That’s right: a new application to help us manage the emails that allegedly make our life simpler (by avoiding inbox drift).  The rabbit hole comes from the feature that allows you to have the email you just received and didn’t want to deal with, to be sent to you at a later, self-determined time.  Do we think that an annoying email, like a fine wine, will get better with age?  I guess it can’t hurt to find out.  If all else fails and technology seems less than convenient, I have learned is that there is an on/off switch on all of these devices.

Kurt Anderson

Kurt Anderson joined CDH in February 2011 as the Principal-in-Charge of our Tax Group. As an attorney and CPA, Kurt has practiced many years in several different settings; in each role, he worked to reduce clients' corporate, estate or individual income tax obligations.
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