Three Tips for Business Success from Koh Fujimoto

Koh FujimotoI want to share three things I’ve learned over the course of my business life that I believe lead to business success.   These are not all inclusive, but surely are among the factors that make someone successful, in my opinion, and are important things for us all to remember. Personally, I do not consider myself to be a successful person. I always aim to be humble and appreciative of others, and I still have a lot to learn — so I keep telling myself these three things all the time.

1)      Set High Objectives

First, I believe that success will come to a firm or a person that possesses high objectives. For those who do not aim high, the results will not be high for sure. But if you set high objectives, you focus your energy to achieve those high goals — key to success.  Also, by setting high goals, your daily behaviors will be similar to others who have set and achieved high objectives.

Think of a mountain climber, for example. If we set a goal of climbing the highest mountain in Wisconsin, we probably do not have to make a serious effort to achieve this goal. However, if our goal is to climb Mount Everest, we will need to re-examine every part and routine of our daily exercise and diet. We will also need to consider finances, weather, logistics and necessary equipment. We will condition ourselves on a daily basis to achieve this very lofty goal. This way, we also program our subconscious mind to achieve our goal.

2)      Control Self Interest

Secondly, I think that you cannot achieve great success unless your desire is without self-interest.  In other words, if desire originates from our own self-interest, we may achieve one-time success but the success will not be long-lasting.

Desire that is not in harmony with the world creates friction at some points of time and in the end, will lead us to failure. The driving force to sustain our success must be without self-interest. Once we achieve that and earnestly make daily and maximum efforts, then our desire will surely create success.

For example, if you are a coach, you want to think only of your team’s success, not your own success. If you are a CEO, you want to think only of your organization’s fate and your employees’ fate, not your own success or monetary rewards. True success comes from the ground, and without self-interest. To be truly successful, we should control our self-interest.

3)      Accumulate Daily Efforts

Third, we must accumulate our efforts on a daily basis. It is important to have big goals. However, in our daily work, we need to continue to do seemingly tedious and monotonous tasks. Therefore, we may be perplexed with the gap between our big dreams and our daily reality.

But no matter in what area we work, we must continue doing the routine and quiet work in order to achieve fantastic results. Such work may include working to improve our performance, gathering basic statistical data, preparing numerous tax returns, cleaning up work papers or visiting numerous potential customers. Other important work that builds success includes data entry into CRM, recording expenses, writing emails to numerous customers and returning phone calls to our customers and COIs on a timely basis.

We may not achieve the big goals first. We will usually only achieve big goals through our tedious and quiet, continuous efforts. Our big feats are based on the accumulation of smaller daily work/efforts.

Finally, I want to add one more factor of success. We have to have a passion for success. But this is a topic for another day…

Koh Fujimoto

Koh is the Principal-in-Charge of the International Practice. He concentrates his practice in the areas of financial statement audits, transfer pricing and internal audit services.
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