IT Tip of the Week: Are the Backups You’re Relying on to Protect Your Data Working?


As a seasoned IT professional, I have the same conversation with almost every business owner I meet –

Me: “Are you backing up your data?”

Customer: “Yes, I believe so.”

Me: “How often are you backing up and are you backing everything up?”

Customer: After a quick pause, “I’m not quite sure.”

Me: “When was the last time you tested the restore of your data?”

Customer: “That’s a good question.  I don’t recall running any tests.”

Does this sound familiar or do you feel our conversation would be similar? If so, here are a few helpful best practices for your backup environment.

1)      Know your backup policy.  When does your data get backed up and to where?

2)      Ask yourself “how long can I survive without my data, if needed?” And…”What would it cost me to be down for that length of time?”  This will help you develop a budget for your backup service or software.

3)      Test your backups.  They are only as good as the ability to restore them.

4)      In case of a disaster, make sure your data is offsite.  Preferably in the cloud.  Better there than to have to incur routine labor daily to move and take data offsite.

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Jeff Hays

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