IT Tip of the Week: What’s Your Plan for Communication in a Disaster?

What is your communicaton plan in a natural disaster?Imagine this scenario in your mind for a moment.  You have an air conditioner in your server room to keep the temperature at a constant level. Best practices–right? But what happens when the air conditioner breaks and causes condensation and eventually a waterfall that flows directly on your rack-based servers or equipment?  How are you going to respond to being down for the period of time it takes to get things back up and running?  What’s your plan for communication in a disaster?

Sadly enough, I have seen this scenario happen.  So the question is, how can you combat against an unknown risk such as this and keep the communications in your office going when your email server is down?

Here is just one quick suggestion to get you thinking about what you can do as a preventive measure: Leverage the cloud for applications such as email and communications.  In a disaster, communications may be the #1 priority to be up and running.

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Jeff Hays

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