Tips for Success: Valuable Lessons from My First Job

Wendy KellyI can’t help but identify with an article I read recently, “My First Job: The Essential Lessons of my Summers“, by Jon Steinberg .  I, too, had many jobs as a teen that helped form who I am today and taught me skills and values that have helped me succeed.  From delivering papers to cross-pollinating corn plants, doing odd jobs on a farm to working as the file clerk at a local business, each taught me many lessons and skills that stay with me today. Three tips for success that stand out in my mind are:

1. Respect – always be on time, and treat people as you would like to be treated

2. Work Hard and Smart – give your job 100%, make the effort to exceed expectations

3. Positive Attitude – pride in your work is infectious; your superiors will notice!

What was a valuable lesson you learned at your first job?   Tell me about it

Wendy Kelly

Wendy Kelly joined CDH in November of 2010, and serves as Principal in our Assurance Group. She brings more than 20 years of experience working exclusively in public accounting. Wendy was deeply involved in the implementation of a women's initiative at her previous firm, and has been active in starting the Women's Initiative at CDH. In addition, Wendy sponsors ongoing education for women related to networking, communication differences between men and women, and work/life balance.
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